Candidate Recruitment/New Designees

Mark Hausmann


Responsiblities include maintaining a current active candidate and prospect list, staying current of CPCU and IIA programs to attract new candidates, maintaining records of candidate recruitment, reporting results to the board.

Diversity and Education

Rich Berthelsen

(610) 644-2100 ext. 7995

Responsiblities include developing ways to increase the diversity of leadership, membership, and appreciation for diversity in the Chapter and Society, aranging a variety of educational semiars and/or CPCU classes as required,  and reporting results to the board.

Good Works

Connie Burgess


Responsibilities inlcude developing a listing for donations at monthly luncheons, soliticiting and collecting donations at the monthly luncheons, and reporting results to the board.

Fund Raiser / At Large

Jon Hays


Will serve on the board and assist with the operations of the organization and our annual scholarship fund raiser.



Joan Gwynn


Responsibilities include soliciting and processing applications, recognizing recipients at the monthly luncheon, and reporting to the board.


Kim Richardson


Responsiblities include publicizing chapter meetings, programs, special events, new designees, and Community Good Works programs in local media and industry press and reporting results to the board.


Denise O. Johnson


Responsiblities include establishing procedures to coordinate with chapter board on posting information, directing and updating the chapter's website information and reporting results to the board.