Officers & Directors


Kim Downey


Responsibilities include overseeing officers and committees, directing chapter board and general meetings, monitoring the progrees of chapter goals and objectives, serving as a liaison between the national organization and the local chapter, networking with other chapter presidents, directing the annual planning meeting, and chairing the nominating committee.

President Elect

Susan Smith


Responsiblities include assisting the chapter President, arranging for a local conferment with national to recognize new designees, directing the committees and board in Circle of Excellence submissions, attending the Leadership Summit for chapter training, serving on the nominating committee, and arranging speaker for the monthly luncheons.

Vice President

Ebony Williams


Responsbilities include delivering the monthly chapter luncheon invocation, serving as I-Day project lead, and serving as March-Ethics acitivity coordinator,


Sandie Garcia


Responsibilities include booking chapter meetings, maintaining/posting board and meeting minutes, and preparing the quarterly newsletter.


Jessica Gregory


Responsiblities include serving as the chief financial officer for the chapter, overseeing the annual budget, monitoring budget performance, records annual dues, preparing periodic financial statements, and handling all official records including general ledgers and tax returns.

Past President

Jonathan Hays