SCHOLARSHIP - Thank you for your submissions

Mon, 03/30/2020 - 11:20

UPDATE 7.1.2020

Thank you for your submissions.  The committee is currently reviewing and will reach out shortly.

UPDATE 3.30.2020

Extending the timeline due to COVID-19 to May 15th, 2020, end of day, 11:59pm. That means, please have all paperwork submitted to Carrie Reynolds by 5.15.2020.  You may ignore any other dates you may come acroess in your paperwork.  This notice will supersede any  potentially conflicting information.   We hope this helps as you are facing more disruptions as usual.

The entire board wishes you well.   Fingers crossed and good luck!

The Central Texas Chapter of the CPCU Society offers scholarships to local college and university students who are majoring or minoring (a "concentration") in insurance, risk management or actuarial science.

Please complete the attached form below and submit by email or mail before * new * MAY 15th, 2020 to:

Carrie Reynolds, CPCU, AIS, AU, ARM

Carrie A. Reynolds <>

re: CPCU Scholarship Committee
Underwriting Supervisor
Texas Mutual Insurance Company
800-859-5995 x2812
800-359-0650 (fax)

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