"Very satisfied": Here is how our members rate our Central Texas Chapter:

Mon, 11/23/2020 - 09:35
by CPCU Society

The CPCU Society conducted research wherein our members answered targeted questions to better give us insight into their Society experience. A total of 69 Central Texas Chapter members participated in the study. I’d like to provide you with some of the data we compiled in your chapter’s individual analysis.

The full analysis offers member-insight into chapter satisfaction, society satisfaction, demographics, decisions to earn the CPCU, decisions to start/ renew Society memberships and general profile information. Because the results offer varied and thorough feedback from Society members, we see this as an opportunity for chapters to build on the areas that we now know work and to improve upon any weakness exposed in this survey.

This is the first time we’ve complied such thorough information from our members and we want to share each chapter’s analysis with its officers as a support tool. Our hope is that, by looking at your specific chapter’s analysis, you will be able to better understand your members and ponder potential improvements to their chapter experience. This is intended to be helpful information and the Society is here to support our chapters and chapter officers in any and every way.

Please keep in mind that not all your chapter members responded to the survey, the results are based on the sample of chapter members that did participate. Below is one segment of your chapter-analysis— your chapter’s full report is available upon request.

69 Central Texas Chapter members participated in the study. Here’s how they rated their chapter experience:

Extremely Satisfied: 0%

Very Satisfied: 93%

Somewhat Satisfied: 0%

Somewhat Dissatisfied: 7%

Not Satisfied at All: 0%

Average Score (5-point scale): 3.87


On an overall average, 5,802 Society members rated their chapter experience satisfaction as follows:

Extremely Satisfied: 23%

Very Satisfied: 45%

Somewhat Satisfied: 28%

Somewhat Dissatisfied: 4%

Not Satisfied at All: 1%

Average Score (5-point scale): 3.85


Any feedback you can offer is tremendously helpful as we work to collaborate with and support our chapters and members.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to your chapter and to the CPCU Society! If you would like to see your Chapter’s full analysis, you can submit a request here. Please also note that the CPCU Society will be reaching out with broader survey results to all volunteers and members within the next few weeks. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I’m eager to hear back from you!  

Your 2022 Central Texas President & Board 


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